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2025-08-25 02:35 am

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Testing dw...
I am not so good in English so text is going to be simple...I cannot say I'm much
better in dw customization for now :), still trying to figure out how everything works
here, but anyway, feel free to ask whatever you like to know, connected to cc (wcif etc.)
or anything else.
It seems that this place might become handy especially for sims 2 cc, I can post/upload
randomly, have everything stored and organized at one place etc.

DW contains cc too I've made and upload to gos.

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2014-06-07 06:26 pm

tiny treasures

Well, how gorgeous is that:

I stumbled across these lovely creators, Debra and Michelle from Mod The Sims, who created whole bunch of miniature objects and couple of doll houses I recommend you to grab for you game.

As some of you might remember, couple of similar/same/related items I did myself while ago so I found these really inspiring.

I have to bow here since their items are so nicely done, detailed, complete and generally awesome!
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2012-04-25 12:57 am
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I have a new icon that I'm very proud of, Cotton Candy's face (created by lovely Evanesco). I find her the most suitable to represent myself beside the usual, black and white square I always use.

One more thing...I received a gift couple of days ago, unexpectedly, a brand new computer that should handle my game decently, finally, and as I am done with my overly time and energy consuming job shifts for a while, I hope there is going to be more time for playing the game and some creating.

So, that's it. And I am here, very much alive...
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2011-09-17 03:10 am
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scene III





Heh, pics again. And...just poses.

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2011-09-16 01:53 am
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Playing with the invisible sim is so amusing...

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2011-06-28 11:58 pm
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outfits conversion

Lovely Trapping converted gos advent adult female clothes I've made (calalily dress and fur coat with chucks) to teen and you can download them here if you are interested.
I am happy and flattered with her interest.
My adult version, that is needed because of their texture reference, is here.

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2011-03-16 12:28 pm
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scene II

I like how these shots turned out, mainly because of elder sim roundness and his suit.

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2011-02-13 10:37 pm
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...still having fun with movements...

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2011-02-11 01:26 am
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cheap hotel - retro wallpapers

I wasn't sure if I should share these as I believe retro wallpapers are my personal obsession and I'm making them for my own game...but, in case anyone could find that useful too here they are as a quite large set/dump.
If anyone notice, in-game description is different then the final title - 'granny II'. I've changed my mind in the last second because of the screenshots impression I get...and, I was a bit lazy to redo everything in homecrafter - sorry.

Edit: Two things - if anyone wish me to make collection file since I forgot, please let me know, and, if anyone might like these wallpapers to be molding free, feel free to let me know...I know these are a bit silly :).

Wallpaper previews:
- floral - shot I, shot II, shot III
- patterned - shot I, shot II



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2010-12-27 02:42 pm

gos advent 2010.

Great surprise this year and so many wonderful gifts.

Yesterday was my term so here is the overview of the result:

I've made 4 adult female outfits (calalily dress from tsstore - shortened and with wedges, granny's fur coat in 2 versions -
shortened maxis coat with cyber boots and chucks and retro suit - maxis suit with wedges), large set of retro wallpapers
(floral, plane and patterned) and 4 objects (gear coffee table, wooden ceiling lamp, armchair recolors and shannanigan's
bullet planter with palm).

More previews:
clothes - I, II, III
wallpapers - floral I, floral II, floral III, plane I, plane II, patterned I, patterned II, patterned III
objects - I, II, III

Download:  clothes  wallpapers  objects

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2010-08-26 08:13 pm
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dropbox invitation

I've noticed that many of you experience problem with mediafire or boxnet uploads for game
screenshots or downloads (from time to time) so I would like to invite you to create a dropbox
account which I use and I am pretty satisfied. I have all my uploads there, actually.

Dropbox is easy to install, gives you 2 gb of space for free and when installed you just put files
in folder at your computer and they are online as well.

Informations about how everything works are here.

If anyone is interested please comment and leave an email so I could send you an invitation -
accepted invitation gives me additional 250 mb of space though you can install dropbox directly,
without an invitation if you wish, of course.

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2010-08-16 12:39 pm

july santa at gos

Santa is always so exciting, all pretties can be seen here.

My giftee was elegant and lovely iosaur for whom I've created a present containing following:

- set of 7 white walls (clean, cracked, broken and missing)
- set of 4, the same white tiles combined with couple of retro leftover ones inserted in broken,
missing pieces place
- set of 4 white floor tiles (cracked, broken and missing)
- 2 sets of cashcraft's planter, metal and wooden - I've modified her mesh a bit
to add more plants (agave, farn, fronds and palm) and recolors
- 1 recolor of chair

Credit for beautiful wall and floor texture that I've retextured/recolored goes to adele here.

As iosaur generously decided to share a gift you can download it here.

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2010-04-17 02:41 am
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gos april project

Here is my contribution to gos april project - 'earth day' theme:
- recolors of quite huge Mutske's maxis plant add-ons (not all are here but majority)
- 3 maxis cloned and retextured endtables

Some texture parts are from Yuxi's 'dead plants', Mutske plants meshes (maxisplantsaddons)
are included in download file.

Swatches: I, II

Download here (meshes and collection file are included):

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2009-12-31 09:11 pm
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secret santa at gos

Great 'secret santa' gifts from this year are shown here.

I didn't participate last year, unfortunatelly, and almost did the same this time, heh, but it was fun in
spite of horrible lack of free time these days.

Mine gift was for creator/person I appreciate and like, Yuxi, so I was quite nervous about making it for her :p

She generously decided to share that set of objects with others so it can be downloaded here.

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2009-09-20 11:51 pm
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I am very happy with my female sim at new pics.
Gaudyaspoppies from gos (who creates wonderful sims in general) generously shared
her with me couple a weeks ago.
I know she cannot be seen properly but...I like it that way...

Inside. )
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2009-09-19 04:30 am
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random pics

I've been playing for a while after a quite long pause and the last thing was testing a bunch
of pose boxes. I am generally not so satisfied because I do not need many of those varieties,
just couple of basic/simple ones. So, pics are random as a test of few, it's not easy to keep
sim behave naturally I must say.




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2009-08-25 05:09 pm

floor drawings - white chalk II

These are floor chalk drawings part II.

Simtomatic rug meshes, cloned, modified and retextured, master slaved too (all
recolors you see are in two sizes).

Download package contains:
- modified simtomatic rug meshes - rug shadow has been deleted with seel's
- mine two cloned
- recolors
- jpeg images of these recolors (you could easily delete recolor you do not like since
names match)



(The older version at gos -rug recolors, contains 2 type of child alike drawings with
chalk on the floor).

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2009-08-25 10:00 am
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camp - walls

These are my first walls (under poured) so I hope everything works - 5 sets of
'bad taste' wall murals.
I wasn't skillful enough at this point to make these in complete repeatable way,
partly only.

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2009-08-24 05:35 pm
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empty - frames, paintings, shadows...

are 15 frames (maxis cloned and retextured) and 28 various shapes,
aikea-guinea's wall writings recolors. Credit goes to her for beautiful mesh here.

Some of that shapes are shadows, ghost alike creatures and some are wall dirt,
paintings 'aging' wall traces...

Then, 28 paintings, maxis cloned and retextured (to look a bit more distressed),
reversed paintings faced to wall (except two of them that I found to be interesting
from the front). The third part - 21 maxis paintings recolors, empty somehow...


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2009-08-24 05:25 pm

gos february project

A small contribution for Gos February Project: Elders Need Love Too!

- few recolors of my previously cloned dgandy's suitcase mesh - 'granny's secret'
- few recolors of cashcraft's vanity fair floor and table lamps -'granny's lamps'

Granny's secret: (suitcase)

Granny's lamp