Apr. 25th, 2012 12:57 am
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I have a new icon that I'm very proud of, Cotton Candy's face (created by lovely Evanesco). I find her the most suitable to represent myself beside the usual, black and white square I always use.

One more thing...I received a gift couple of days ago, unexpectedly, a brand new computer that should handle my game decently, finally, and as I am done with my overly time and energy consuming job shifts for a while, I hope there is going to be more time for playing the game and some creating.

So, that's it. And I am here, very much alive...
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I've noticed that many of you experience problem with mediafire or boxnet uploads for game
screenshots or downloads (from time to time) so I would like to invite you to create a dropbox
account which I use and I am pretty satisfied. I have all my uploads there, actually.

Dropbox is easy to install, gives you 2 gb of space for free and when installed you just put files
in folder at your computer and they are online as well.

Informations about how everything works are here.

If anyone is interested please comment and leave an email so I could send you an invitation -
accepted invitation gives me additional 250 mb of space though you can install dropbox directly,
without an invitation if you wish, of course.

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