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Great surprise this year and so many wonderful gifts.

Yesterday was my term so here is the overview of the result:

I've made 4 adult female outfits (calalily dress from tsstore - shortened and with wedges, granny's fur coat in 2 versions -
shortened maxis coat with cyber boots and chucks and retro suit - maxis suit with wedges), large set of retro wallpapers
(floral, plane and patterned) and 4 objects (gear coffee table, wooden ceiling lamp, armchair recolors and shannanigan's
bullet planter with palm).

More previews:
clothes - I, II, III
wallpapers - floral I, floral II, floral III, plane I, plane II, patterned I, patterned II, patterned III
objects - I, II, III

Download:  clothes  wallpapers  objects

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A small contribution for Gos February Project: Elders Need Love Too!

- few recolors of my previously cloned dgandy's suitcase mesh - 'granny's secret'
- few recolors of cashcraft's vanity fair floor and table lamps -'granny's lamps'

Granny's secret: (suitcase)

Granny's lamp

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This is part II of broken lamps - shades.

Package contains:
- 21 various lamp shades and some recolors
- three broken lampbases
- collection file


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Here are 25 broken lamps made as a deco items (collection file is included as well as meshes since I've cloned both maxis and few custom creators lights).


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